Miracle Prayer to Saint Jude

Miracle Prayer to Saint Jude

Dear Friend of Saint Jude,

During these trying times, I ask you to pray with me this Miracle Prayer to Saint Jude:

Lord Jesus, I come before you just as I am. I am sorry for my sins; I repent of my sins; please forgive me. In Your name, I forgive all others for what they have done
against me.

I renounce Satan, the evil spirits, and all their works.

I give you my entire self, Lord Jesus, now and forever. I invite you into my life, Jesus. I accept you as my Lord, God, and Saviour. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul, and spirit.

Come, Lord Jesus, cover me with your precious blood, and fill me with your Holy Spirit. I Love You, Lord Jesus. I Praise You, Jesus. I Thank You, Jesus. I shall follow you every day of my life.

Mary, Mother of Sorrows, Queen of Peace, pray for me.

Saint Jude, cousin of the Lord, take me by the hand with Jesus before our Heavenly Father.

Saint Jude, relative of Mary, pray that I realize that she is my mother.

Saint Jude, brother of Saint James, be my caring sibling.

Saint Jude who sailed with Jesus as He slept in the storm and cried out to Him when you thought the boat would sink, pray for me in the storms of my life.

Saint honored by your humble Master washing your feet, pray that I may have your same humility to accept Jesus’ love for me as He washes away my sins.

Saint Jude who received your Eucharistic Lord from His own hands at the Last Supper, send your Guardian Angel, to go for me to the church, there kneel down during Holy Communion, bring to me the Body and Blood of Jesus uniting Him with me in spirit, so that my heart may become His dwelling place.

Saint of the Impossible, pray for all healthcare workers during this pandemic who have an daunting workload and give them your strength.

Saint Jude who received the martyr’s crown, give me protection from the Coronavirus.

Saint Jude sent by Christ on missions of healing, aid all those in danger of death because of this pandemic, that they may be healed.

Saint Jude sent without silver, staff, or sandals, provide for me during these financially hard times.

Saint Jude, witness to the Resurrection of Christ and His Ascension, shed a ray of Easter sunrise into my gloomy days and lift my eyes up with yours to the Risen Lord.

Saint Jude, filled with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, enkindle the smoldering wick of my soul with the fire of your faith which you carried throughout your journeys.


Having put our trust in God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Saint Jude, let us go about all the Lord has called us to do with confidence in His everlasting protection.

You and your loved ones are in my prayers,



Fr. Gabriel Gillen, O.P.
Rosary Shrine of Saint Jude