Seven Miracles From Saint Jude

Seven Miracles From Saint Jude

Seven Miracles From Saint Jude

As a reader of the Saint Jude Messenger, you’ve heard of families receiving a life-saving blessing from Saint Jude at a moment of trial. Maybe you yourself have been the beneficiary of the Apostle’s favor in time of need. Jaime and Nicolas Charbonneau have received not one, but seven miraculous interventions from the Patron Saint of the Impossible—one for each of their six children and one for a family member on the brink of death.

According to Jaime, each of her six babies had “been breech up until at least the 37th week of pregnancy. And I’ve always been recommended to have an external version (manual manipulation of the baby from the outside) or a C-section.” Every time, however, Jaime was determined to go through natural childbirth.

The solution? “We prayed to Saint Jude and each one of them flipped head down by the time I was ready to give birth,” Jaime says.

A new midwife, working with Jaime to deliver her fifth baby, noticed that the baby was breech and said that Jaime might have to have a C-section. Jaime’s response was calm and collected: “I said, ‘Oh, no. We’ve done this before. We just pray to Saint Jude and the babies turn.’ And she just laughed at me. But after the sixth baby, she said, ‘You’re right. You just have breech babies and you pray to Saint Jude and they turn.’”

When Jaime was about to deliver their sixth child, who was also breech, she and Nicolas began praying their usual Novena to Saint Jude for the turning of the baby. They also included the intention of the health and marriage of Nicolas’ brother, who was deathly ill with a seemingly untreatable condition, had left the Church, and had been living with his girlfriend for five years.

Three weeks after the healthy birth of baby Christiana, Nicolas’ brother finally found a specialist who was able to perform the life-saving surgery he needed. On the eve of the procedure, he asked his girlfriend to marry him. But, says Jaime, “what was even more miraculous was they got married in Our Lady of the Rosary Church on October 28: Saint Jude’s Feast Day.”

The coincidence was not planned; just a sign that the newlyweds had a friend in Heaven.