A Saint Jude Miracle

A Saint Jude Miracle

A Saint Jude Miracle

By Fr. Gabriel Gillen, O.P.

Teresita J. Pedrozo was born in Trinidad, Cuba on June 17, 1932 to the late Lidia Cadalso and Calixto Noa. One of our friars prepared Teresita and her beloved Francisco Pedrozo for marriage shortly after they both immigrated to the U.S. in 1970. They raised their three sons together in Ohio: Jose (married to Vilma), Zoilo (married to Barbara), and Manuel (married to Jennifer.)

19 years ago, when Jennifer had to go to the hospital due to complications from Guillain-Barre syndrome, her mother-in-law, Teresita, stayed at their house and cared for their baby, Peter. Jenn was pregnant with her second son, Jude, and the doctors told her to abort him.

Teresita went to the Saint Jude Shrine and begged God and Saint Jude that little Jude would be born fine. Teresita even promised God she would wear only brown (I guess she didn’t like that color) the rest of her life if Jude was okay. Little Jude was safely born and the mother had no health issues. Teresita kept her promise and only wore brown for 21 years.

Little Jude is not so little anymore, thanks to the prayers of Saint Jude. He now wears green as a starting freshman on the Michigan State Football team.

Teresita “Abuela” loved Saint Jude. A lady from our parish mailed her a picture of Saint Jude, and Teresita was holding the picture on her chest when she died.

Jude’s uncle told one of our friars after Mass that Saint Jude probably ran when he saw Teresita at the pearly gates because he knew she’d continue asking him for favors for her family!

Let’s ask Teresita to run after Saint Jude with any of our special intentions. Especially for those in need of healing at this time.

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