Saint Jude Reunites a Family

Saint Jude Reunites a Family

Saint Jude Reunites a Family

By Katie Connor*

I would like to thank Saint Jude for answering my prayer. I have been praying to him for over two years and this past July I received an answer. People are not too sympathetic to my story because it is not something they like to discuss.

In 2013 my husband committed a nonviolent crime. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and started his sentence in 2014. My husband has always been a loving husband and father. He was truly sorry for what he did and confessed his crime numerous times while incarcerated. Since day one of his sentence, I started praying to Saint Jude for my husband’s early release. It seemed like forever, but in 2016 – the Year of Mercy – my husband was granted early release. He came home the next month. Through prayer, our family is together again and closer than ever before.

Thank You so much, Saint Jude! My family loves you for helping us and I gratefully encourage anyone who feels their situation is hopeless to turn to you (I felt that way many times). Prayer will fill you with comfort, love and, above all, hope.

*This name has been changed to protect the family’s identity

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