Thank You, Saint Jude!

Thank You, Saint Jude!

Thank You, Saint Jude!
Letters from the Patrons of the Rosary Shrine of Saint Jude

For generations, Catholics have publicly thanked Saint Jude for favors received through his intercession. In these pages, patrons of the Rosary Shrine of Saint Jude carry on the tradition!

Struggling Student

I have been praying to Saint Jude for my daughter’s grades. In the beginning of her school year, she was struggling with three of her classes. I started praying over the winter, and her school year finished with wonderful grades in those classes – and more importantly, with an understanding of those particular subjects.

Thank you Saint Jude so very much! Without your prayers and intercession, my daughter would not have done this well.


Always There

Saint Jude has always been by my side. My husband died when I was 34 with four little girls. I prayed to him every day and still do. He has never failed me. Thank you Saint Jude for helping me and my family thru hard times.


Saint Jude helped me through depression after several miscarriages and a painful divorce. He has always been there for me.


Chaplet Prayers

My sister-in-law has MS and she fell and broke her hip. The first surgery did not hold. Infection set in so they took her back for surgery to remove the infection, then put her on an antibiotic. She was not eating and sleeping most of the time. Within two days of my beginning the Saint Jude Chaplet Prayers, she was up and eating and back in PT! Thank you, Saint Jude, for your intercession with Jesus!


The Saint Jude chaplet prayers helped me with my family, health, and financial problems. Thank you!


NB: Many of you have called in asking for Saint Jude Chaplets. We thank you for your interest, but we will not have more until Christmas 2019.


Saint Jude Saves a Marriage

My husband was a rip-roaring alcoholic who was very violent. When I had three children, ages one, three, and six, I prayed hard and faithfully to St. Jude every day. Finally, my husband went to rehab and remained sober for almost 30 years until he died! He even became my best friend and a great father. Thank you, Saint Jude!


I prayed non-stop to Saint Jude when I was very sick several years ago. My five children needed me. I was healed and had two more beautiful children after I was supposed to die! I am now 80 years old and still love Saint Jude and my precious Lord. God listens.


30 Days with Saint Jude

One day, as I was walking home after dropping my daughters off at school, a lady approached me and gave me a Saint Jude prayer. I was feeling very depressed at that time. I was staying with my sister because I didn’t have a place to live and I just wanted to give up. I put the prayer in my pocket and went home. That night, I found the prayer in my pocket and sat on the bed as my children slept and read the prayer. I cried all night.

The next day, after I dropped off my daughters in school, I went to a church. I went inside and lit a candle for Saint Jude. I just knelt there and cried for hours. When I finally left, I felt good. I knew everything would be fine.

Every day after that I went to the church to pray and asked for Saint Jude’s help. Thirty days after the lady gave me the Saint Jude prayer, I moved to my own place with my kids. I soon found a job and since then, many blessings have fallen on me and my family. I love my Saint Jude and I’m so grateful for all his blessings!


Saint Jude and NFP

I’ve prayed to Saint Jude twice asking for help. The first time, I wanted to attend Natural Family Planning classes. It was very important to me. My husband, who isn’t Catholic, didn’t want anything to do with it. We went!

The second time, my daughter was having a problem with her roommate. My daughter was extremely upset and there was no talking to her about it. It was a big problem and seemed to be heading for disaster. I asked Saint Jude to please let it be resolved peacefully. It was!

Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayers!


He listens to ALL our prayers. I feel his love and strength. He has answered those prayers God has allowed, which have been many. Thank you, Saint Jude, for your protection.


I believe in Saint Jude because he helped me get through my toughest time. I gave him my problem and he took it and helped me get through it. Lord Jesus, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family. Amen!


Bringing Our Troops Home Safe

When I was a very young girl, my mom would take my younger brother, Marty (Martin Jude was his full name, may he rest in peace), and me to Saint Jude Novenas. My faith increased so much from this. I lost it for awhile after my dad died, and even tried to take my own life, but Saint Jude, the Blessed Mother Mary, and the Lord helped me.

I went to nursing school and met my husband, Kevin. We had two children: Kevin Junior (now a Marine veteran) and Bridget. The Lord and Saint Jude brought my son home to us two times from the Iraq War! He is married and has two young sons. My daughter also has a good life and two children with the young man she married. Thanks be to Saint Jude and the Good Lord with His Blessed Mother Mary. Peace and Love.


Cancer Healed

I sent my Saint Jude relic plaque to my sister. She had cancer on her legs. They have since been healed, and I pray the condition will never recur.


A Good Man

Saint Jude answered my prayers and pleas for a good man to come into my life after my divorce from a very abusive husband. After praying to Saint Jude, I met my husband of 39 years. He is a very religious man and a good step-dad to my three children, who he helped me raise. Thank you Saint Jude! Forever grateful!


Saint Jude helped us adopt our four daughters and now we are grandparents of four girls and three boys! Thank you, Saint Jude!


Seven Year Itch

During our seven-year itch, I didn’t think my marriage was going to last. I prayed to Saint Jude, and we just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary!

Thank you, Saint Jude! Amen.


Saint Jude Light

Saint Jude has always been one of my favorite saints. I had a Saint Jude statue that had a light in it. I always turned it on when my son went out, and he was to turn it off so I would know he was home. I found out many years later from my other children that Kirk would turn the light out and then go out again! But Saint Jude never gave up on my boy. I gave all my sons to Saint Jude to take care of.


Saint Jude has always answered my prayers, and I am so grateful to him. He is a great saint. Words can never say how much I admire him and and respect him and give thanks to God for him. Thank you Saint Jude for all you have done for me.


Saint Jude has helped me through some of the toughest times, and I’m forever grateful.


Thank You, Saint Anne

I prayed to Saint Anne for ten years. I wanted a child. After ten years, I got pregnant with a son. Now I still thank her. I first adopted a son. After so many years I got pregnant. I thank Saint Anne every day. I love my two sons. Thank God!

-Marybeth (enrolled in the Rosary Shrine of Saint Jude Saint Anne Novena)

Surviving Cancer with Saint Jude

I was very interested in your Saint Jude Messenger, which I received in the mail. I am named after Saint Jude. My mother was told by her doctor that she could not have any more children after my older brother was born. She made several Novenas to Saint Jude and became pregnant with me after praying that she would name me for Saint Jude. After many complications, I was born. Over the years, I have prayed to Saint Jude often, particularly during the three times I was diagnosed with cancer.

My first cancer in 2009 was touch and go, and I learned after a two-month stay in the hospital and two major surgeries that the doctors did not expect me to live. More recently, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in and had surgery with partial removal of my left lobe. Then, in November 2017, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I completed six chemotherapy treatments for the last cancer and was recently diagnosed cancer free! So many times during my lifetime of 80 years I have prayed to Saint Jude and have been very fortunate to receive good news. I say a prayer to him every night. I attribute my long life to his intercession with Our Lord.

God is good all the time,


Saint Jude on the Gridiron

Playing football as a junior for Winooski High School in Newport, Vermont, I sustained a serious injury early in the game. While throwing a body block, I cracked my rib and, unbeknownst to me at the time, punctured my kidney. I played the rest of the game bleeding internally. To shorten the story, when I arrived home, I went up to bed without telling my parents. The bleeding coagulated and I was not able to relieve myself so I woke up one of my sisters, who promptly alerted my parents and I was rushed to the local hospital where I laid for seven long weeks until my injured kidney started functioning enough that I could safely be released.

When I returned home, my mother, who was deeply and faithfully religious, had been praying daily to Saint Jude, patron saint of hopeless cases. She had also put up a large picture of Saint Jude over my bed and she made me aware that, as good as Doctor Thabault was, my surgeon was not responsible for the miraculous healing of my kidney. It was definitely Saint Jude who pulled me through a relapse that nearly took my life (I had been given last rites), and it was Saint Jude who helped me heal.

He has been my patron saint since 1952, a year before my high school graduation. As they say, faith can move mountains and heal serious football injuries.

A devoted believer in Saint Jude,


Saint Jude has come thru for me time after time when I needed his help most. Thank you, Saint Jude for answered prayers!


A Life Lived with Saint Jude

My mother, Pauline, passed away on March 7, 2008. I am her only daughter. She also had five sons, one who passed away: Brian, on May 18, 1953, at only 3 months old. It was very hard on my mother and father losing a child. But that’s when my mother began to devote herself to Saint Jude. As a little girl, she would talk to me about Saint Jude, saying that he would always be there for me and hear my prayers. My mother told me that Saint Jude was a cousin of Jesus, and that he was very special. My mother had a lot of trials in her life but, because of Saint Jude, she never gave up.

I remember going to a chapel of Saint Jude in Colonie, New York, in 1970. It was in a mall, and it was beautiful. We would light candles together for our prayers to Saint Jude. It was so very peaceful there. Like I said, my mother just loved Saint Jude with all her soul and walked through life knowing he was near her.
In 2008, my mother was in hospice care getting ready to go to eternal life. I was with her all through her last night. I comforted her (we even laughed together), sat next to her, and even got into her bed and wrapped my arms around her, giving her that security of love she so deserved. I was praying so hard that Jesus would come to get her. I also prayed to Our Blessed Lady. I bent closer to my mom and said, “I prayed to Jesus and Mary to come take you to Heaven.” My Mother’s response was, “You forgot St. Jude. I’ve carried his picture in my wallet my whole life.” At that very moment she opened her eyes and was smiling to someone who was standing next to me. It was so beautiful.

After that, my mother did not speak anymore. Two more hours went by and then it was dark outside. The next morning at 5:30, her room became so bright and peaceful. At that very moment, she left her body. Her friend Saint Jude met her, and her soul was rejoicing.

I also dedicated my dad, who is now 99 years old, to Saint Jude. My daughter is also devoted to Saint Jude. My love for Saint Jude goes beyond words and I give his prayer card to others when they are in need. I hope this story will help others. Thank you, Saint Jude for loving and caring for my mother, Pauline.